A Stay Downtown in Las vegas

A Stay Downtown in Las vegas

This blog is about staying 4 nights in Downtown Las Vegas. While I make a list of best 3 and worst 3 casinos, based only on the most recent reviews on payouts at casinos. I do read all the recent reviews about the hotels and restaurants, I don’t include that in my lists. We all know some bad reviews on casinos can be out of dislike because of money lost or whatever made them mad, so the only fair way to make a review of a hotel casino is to stay and write a true honest review.

After reading the reviews on down town casino hotels, I wasn’t crazy about staying down there. I usually stay at the Bellagio and absolutely love Las Vegas. I have never left a winner and always lose a ton of money but figure, I would’ve paid a lot on hotel, food and entertainment anyways, might as well gamble it. You’ll notice a lot of reviews complain about not getting enough for free in Las Vegas. Let me tell you, they are there to make money! If you think you can bring your family and stay and play maybe 100$ in a week yet get everything paid your sorely mistaken. If your a gambler, they will take care of you. I’m no high roller, however I do normally play enough to cover my room, resort charges and food charges. For one thing, always charge everything to your room. At the end of your stay, before checking out, go to the players club and ask if they can comp anything based on your play.

I was curious about The Golden Nugget reviews. It was like half and  half on good and bad, so I chose that hotel casino for our 4 night stay. Our flight was an early morning flight, so I assumed arriving at 11:00 AM, according to reviews, that our room would not be ready, however, we were greeted by a very nice young lady at the front desk, who quickly checked us in. I expressed my concerns about the part of hotel that our room was in. I had told her, quietly, that I had read not to stay there because it was the older part and I was terrified of bugs and dirty rooms. She was very nice about it and reassured me that would not be the case, however if I didn’t like it come back and she would move us.

We headed up to our room, in the dreaded Carson Tower, we opened the door and saw a very clean and nice room! I lifted the mattress and pulled back the bedding only to find clean sheets and a comfy bed. We put our stuff away and headed down to check out the casino. First we went to the players club to get a players card. The employees there were very friendly and welcoming. After I got my card I headed to a machine and put in $100 bill. I bet 3.00 and on the second spin hit a bonus for 350.00$  I played a few more spins and got it up to 400$ I cashed out. We were hungry so we walked around outside and was going to go to Tony Romas at Freemont but they were not open yet so we went to Freemonts Paradise Buffet. It was good food and around 16$ each. We walked around and checked out Freemont street.

We were in and out of all the casinos, playing some here and there. Binions of course has a free spin where you win a free picture with a million dollars, so of course we did that! We lost at Binions, California Casino, Golden Gate and basically all of them so we decided to go back to Golden Nugget and check out their video poker machines. I found a fun one, called Hot Roll Video Poker, that you could play dimes or quarters. I played quarters and 3 hands. Its bonus was dice rolling that would multiply your wins. It was the same, basically, as my favorite Super Times. I played max bet on 3 hands plus the bonus, which ended up being 30 quarters a spin so 7.50 a turn. I ended up putting in 100$ bill and won over 1600$.

We then walked around Golden Nugget and won on everything we played! We mostly played an average of 3$ a spin. We cashed out that night, before heading up to bed, up 1000$ each for both of us. We got up the next morning and headed to the pool. I like to have my coffee, while laying in the sun. Their shark pool was awesome. It was interesting standing in the pool checking out the fish and sharks. The only gripe I have is the sun not hitting the water until the afternoon. They have a second, adult only pool on the second deck, however it doesn’t open as early and you have to pay $30 for using a lounge chair. No thanks! I sent my boyfriend to go down the slide, as I couldn’t due to a recent surgery I was healing from. He said it was fun, but you went so fast you couldn’t see the sharks while sliding through. I will def go down next time. We left around noon to head to the strip for the day.

We caught the Deuce bus. I always recommend that bus. It goes up and down the strip stopping at every casino. The cost is 8$ a person and your ticket is good for 24 hours. It is time consuming, if your in a hurry, when it’s busy ,it can take over an hour to get back downtown.  We stopped first at Circus Circus to play the coin in 1$ 777 machines. They have been there for years. It used to be hard to get a machine, you had to wait for someone to get up and there were always different machines hitting the blue 777 for 1000$. They were hot and everyone knew it. This visit there were many machines open, so I picked a machine and got 100$ in dollars from the change guy. I played it for awhile but eventually lost and never saw anyone hit the blue sevens.Just felt different this time. We moved on further down the strip and stopped to try playing at The Bellagio, we lost. Excalibur, we lost. Mandalay Bay I found a fun video poker machine with a bonus wheel. You got the wheel if you were dealt a 3 of a kind. I played quarters on 3 hands for 20 quarters and won. put 100$ bill in and cashed out 700$  We headed back to Down town as you could tell The Strip is much tighter than down town.

It was late when we got back so we ate at Claim Jumper, at The Golden Nugget . The food was very good! We played a little more and didn’t win so headed up to the room for the night.  The next day we got up and did the pool in the morning again and decided to go to Zac Bagans Haunted Museum. They opened at 1:00 PM. We arrived at 1:15PM. The line was already very long. It took us approximately hour and a half to make it inside, then the tour takes an hour and a half. For those that are claustrophobic make sure and take your xanax before entering. We had a group of 13 and the rooms are small and they close the doors when you enter each room. It was enjoyable and he has some very interesting and disgusting items.

There was one thing that got to me. It was near the end of the tour. we had to walk, by ourselves, around an item in a room. Just before I left them room I almost fell down. It felt like a fun house floor. we then went downstairs to view the rocking chair , that was used in an exorcism. The guide told us some people feel something when they are walking over it ,while leaving the room we had just left upstairs! I felt something, that’s for sure. If you like creepy stuff, you will love this place, but just remember, be prepared to take at least 3 hours or longer.  We went back to The Golden Nugget to eat dinner and had the buffet. I have to say it was kind of bland. There really wasn’t a lot I can say was good. It’s def one I could skip.  We walked down to El Cortez to play their coin in machines, however there just wasn’t any. I guess they’re giving that up. We left and went to The D to play coin in slot machines. They took them out! Wow, no reason to go back there, didn’t play and left.

We wondered into The Freemont and saw coin in video poker machines! We were welcomed by a couple very nice employees, who went out of their way to stop what they were doing and get us a card. When my card wouldn’t work they took it themselves over to players club and got me a new one. They were very nice and made us feel very welcome! I could’ve played those old coin in poker machines all night. Didn’t win but had an awesome time. We stopped in 4 queens and saw the same video poker machine with the wheel bonus! We went there because they have the old Silver Strike , where you can win 999 silver coins. My boyfriend played those and I played my video poker bonus machine. He ended up winning normal 10$ coins but not a 999 one and I cashed out of my video poker machine at 500$  We headed back to The Golden Nugget to play a table game called Let It Ride with Bonus 3 card Poker. The progressive bet anywhere else I’ve been is 1$ here it is 5$ kinda strange but ok, we played. The dealer was a lady that was so rude. She never cracked a smile, didn’t want us talking to her. She was so mean it was awkward to play. We lost quickly and left. I don’t mind losing but I’d like to have fun while I’m losing! What a Debbie-downer. I couldn’t see her name because she had long hair covering her name tag, believe me you’ll know who she is, if you get her lol. To the dealer..It might be time to switch careers! If your unhappy with your job, move on!

The next morning we had a wonderful, friendly ,lady dealing and although we didn’t win, we had a great time.

Day 4 was a Saturday, so we just hung around downtown. No winning at all on Saturday but we hung outside and watched the freak show that was called Saturday night on Freemont Street!  My favorite was a guy who laid there and let people move him and he would stay in whatever position they put him in. It was very entertaining to see how these people would move him He had the largest crowd. Then there was a little boy, probably around 8 years old. He was a singer and was adorable. The worst I saw was an older woman, probably around 60, she was holding a rag, which read ” Finish on my face”… gross. It was depressing to me to see how she would think that was funny. Oh well, I try not to judge, but I must say, I did.

Overall very entertaining and everyone was having a great time.  The last day we had to check out by 11:00 AM so one last trip to the pool. Before 11:00 I went to the players club, because we had charged everything at the Golden Nugget to our room for 4 days. The players club sent me to the casino credit room to speak to a host about it. The man was at a desk and was very friendly. I told him I had never stayed downtown or at The Golden Nugget before so wasn’t sure if they would comp anything. Not only did he comp all charges, he also comped all resort fees. He wanted to know how our stay was and if we were happy. I told him my hesitations and was genuinely pleased. He explained that the older tower is for new players, and next time, we would have a better room in the newer tower. I couldn’t ask them for more. I had ended up with some free play, not a lot but that’s ok. I had like 150.00 in comps for gift store or food or whatever, so I bought some fun stuff.

We checked out. Checked or bags, because our flight didn’t leave until later in the evening. We headed back over to Freemont Casino to play our coin in video poker. Didn’t win but had so much fun and played with a very sweet lady that was next to me,  from Hawaii. We then went to 4 Queens Casino to eat and play my video poker bonus wheel game. No wins but played for a long time. We ate the day before at Magnolias Veranda restaurant. It was very good food. The day before I had a club house. It was so big I couldn’t get a bite in my mouth, but it was great. Today, since we were leaving, we went to the players club at 4 queens to see what we had earned, not expecting a lot, I was surprised to find out we had earned around 50.00$ cash back and 140.00$ in comps, which could be used for food or gift shop. We went to the little gift shop and picked out some fun free stuff. Then went back to Magnolias for a burger. I loved it.

We left and headed back to Golden Nugget to be ready to get our bags and be picked up by our shuttle, Which, by the way, you have to set it up in advance to be picked up. Thank goodness the bell hops had let us know. We picked a slot machine and bet 3.00$ and it just kept hitting. We ended up cashing out 1000$ and had to go pick up our bags. My boyfriend waited outside with our bags for the shuttle, while I played just inside by the hotel part. I was winning but our shuttle showed up and I realized the one bad thing about that is you had to go all the way back to the casino to cash in your voucher. I think if they have a group of machines, they should also have a cash out machine. Anyways I ran over, well not ran, as on day 5 in Vegas my feet were killing me. We caught the shuttle and happened to be sharing it with a couple, who ended up living 15 minutes from us. Upon arrival to the airport our flight was delayed about an hour and a half. Of course I tried a little gambling at the airport but quickly realized that it wasn’t the place to win. When we finally boarded our plane, which again was already late, we started up and then we hear the flight attendants trying to get someone to sit down. Apparently he was ill. Now this was on Allegiant Airlines.

I have some complaints about what happened. First, this guy that was ill was either drunk or has something that I don’t want to catch, so I’m thinking they will kick him off for another flight, but no, we had to wait for him to get off the plane, then wait for paramedics to get there and make sure he could fly. What? we are already very late but now we have to wait yet another hour because either someone drank too much or they’re sick. In my opinion, he should’ve been removed from the flight so we could get home. I’ve never heard of an airline letting someone sick or drunk staying much less making 150 passengers to wait on him. Anyways, home and ready to get my feet up and chill!  If I could share any info, it would be, stay at the Golden Nugget and spend money playing and having a great time. Take what you can afford to lose so you can have a good time spending it. Charge everything to your room, even your Starbucks coffee. Then when your ready to check out ask for any comps off your bill.

Everyone complains about the resort fees and its because it’s a way to ensure, even the people that don’t gamble pay their fare share. Las Vegas is for everyone, but just because I spend money gambling, that won’t benefit you. You will have to either gamble your money and get the stuff comped or pay the resort fees and food and beverages. I choose to play on!!  So on your next trip downtown Vegas, Eat at Magnolias at 4 Queens. Eat at Claim Jumper at Golden Nugget and go get some quarters and go to Freemont Casino and play some quarter video poker. It takes longer to spend your money and its fun. Have Fun and see ya next time Vegas!

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