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The Best and Worst Casinos by State

Welcome to Casino Connection Best and Worst Casinos State by State!


I made this site for travelers heading to different states and like to stay at casinos. Also for those of us who frequent casinos for the enjoyment of gambling. We might as well get together and figure out which casinos are the best and where we have the best odds of winning.


In this site you can choose a state, click on it and you will see a list of casinos in that state. It will show what amenities they have. Do they have RV parking available, how large their casino floor is, how many points needed for free play or if they even give free play, Bingo, Poker, table games, golf, spa, hotel, pool, how many restaurants and most importantly, what is their payout percentage!


My hope is to visit every casino in the US and blog about it. I also am requesting everyone review your favorite and why. If we know which casino to stay at when we travel, we won’t be stuck staying somewhere with cruddy food, no poker, and bad payouts. So please help with finding out which casinos are the best and the worst in each state!