Haunted Binion’s Hotel walking Tour

Binions has a section of hotel that has been shut down for years. It’s very creepy because the rooms still have the furnishings in them. I love a good ghost hunt and had watched this episode on The Travel Channels, Ghost Adventures. Since we were staying downtown anyway, we decided to try it and got two tickets to the ghost hunt tour. The two tickets costed $87.10. We met at 8:00pm at the showroom entrance at Binions. You have to sign a waver of course because it is pretty poor conditions you’re entering. The girl that gave us the tickets was very nice. The two ladies that were handing out wristbands were not very friendly. They basically tossed our wristbands and ignored us leaving people to try and do your own wristband.. We were given flashlights, because it’s very dark up there. You are taken up an elevator to one side that has an old ,secret ,counting room. Supposedly from the mob days. It was very dark so the flash lights definitely come in handy. You gather in a small dark space and they put out a pod,in the center of the room, that lights up if a ghost is near. It lit up a couple times. I use a phone app that shows if ghostly beings are near and lets them choose words. My phone app lit up crazy and said Frank for a name, at the same time it said that” he was near me”. I got chills on one arm and goose bumps. The psychic then said he was in the back of the room and was asking him for his name. I told the psychic what my phone app had said and what I had felt. I told her he said his name was Frank The psychic replied “That’s not his name” I was a little embarrassed that I had spoke up. The psychic didn’t know his name but she knew it wasn’t Frank…hmmm.. Nothing much happened there so we went across the casino to another set of elevators. Frank told me on my phone app to stop moving! The elevator brought us to a dark floor. It was eerie because the furnishings, in a lot of the rooms, is still there. They handed out EMF readers. Those light up if there is energy near you. Ours went off over a couch, as if someone was sitting on it. My phone went crazy again there and it was saying words like ” puncture. bleeding “and when we were leaving the room it said “so lonely”. We went to another room and we were asking questions and my phone said “remote” We turned around and saw the remote was moved. We knew this because the top of the t.v., where it had been , was a clear spot. There was a thick coating of dust all over the TV top. except where the remote had been. We picked up the remote to see it was all dust underneath it, so it was new to that spot. They took us to another floor and we had some other experiences I, personally, feel it was worth going. It is something different to do in Vegas, If your not a believer, maybe you will be! I hope the ladies working this, including the psychic, will be a little more friendly and help people with wristbands and be a little more open to what people are telling them.