Welcome to Casino Connection, Best and Worst Casinos by State

Welcome to Casino Connection, Best and Worst Casinos by State

Welcome to Casino Connection! A place to read about my visits and travels to Casinos across the Country but also a great place to find info and details about each Casino I visit.

I started this website to inform travelers which Casinos are the best to spend your time and money at. I realized there is such a difference in the Casinos near me. I know the difference, but for travelers just heading this way, you should be able to compare before booking your stay or choosing that casino. You will be able to see in the chart, wherever you’re heading to, what amenities they have as well as what they’re payout percentages are. How many points to equal a dollar for point play. Who offers the most or best free play? It definitely makes a difference. For instance I have two  casinos near me that I visit often. The first is Swinomish Casino near Anacortes, WA. I absolutely never win there! However, that is where my friends are close to, so I guess I visit it the most. I spend about $200 a visit, lucky to even get a bonus on any of their machines, but at least I get to visit and hang out with friends.

I also have Skagit Valley Casino. About the same distance from where I live as Swinomish. At Skagit I don’t win every time but I do win enough to play for much longer. Now the big difference is the free play offered. I receive between $50 and $100 a couple days a month at Skagit plus free rooms. You would think that since I play so regularly at Swinomish I would receive more there right? Wrong I get a free $5 a week if I come on the right days! It’s that big of a difference! I don’t mind spending my money at casinos, however I can’t stand cheap or greedy Casinos. That is why I am doing this website. I will be visiting every Casino in the States and review their Casinos. I will also be letting you know what their payout percentages are. Those that won’t say will say “NA” in their box, beware of them… I feel like if they have a good payout percentage they will be proud to tell us! I would love your reviews on the casinos you’ve visited as well. Let’s all figure out where is the best place to spend and play. Some people want to know if their traveling whether there is a spa or how big is their casino? Is there Golf available? Poker? I will let you know all this info. So I guess I’ll finish this introduction with what I do know , If I was traveling here I would most definitely go to Skagit Casino over Swinomish Casino if your looking for longer play and coupons that make you want to come back.

Sheri Weir

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